free tour of cádiz: history, anecdotes and curiosities

In this tour we will walk through the most emblematic corners of Cadiz and I will tell you the exciting history surrounding the oldest city in the West, enlivened with curious stories and anecdotes of the city.

Throughout these almost 2 and a half hours you will learn how to identify the house of a shipper of the Indies, you will know some jewels of our heritage hidden to the naked eye and you will know why Cadiz was the only city in Spain where Napoleon could not enter, among many other things!


The starting point of this tour will be the most glorious period of Cadiz: the 18th century.

We will learn why the city grew so much in this century and why some of the most emblematic places of the city were built during those years.

In addition, we will talk about the history behind many of the most emblematic places built in later centuries to better understand the Cadiz of today.

We will finish with the best scenery in the background: The popular Caleta beach.


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objectives and values

Destino Cádiz Tours has a didactic objective within the tourism sector offering, through quality content, the knowledge of the history of the oldest city in the West.

To do this, our routes have been developed through a work of collection and research of historical documentation, in order to offer a quality service.

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With Destino Cádiz Tours, you have the guarantee of a service offered by a qualified professional, with a degree in Tourism and Official Tourist Guide of the Junta de Andalucía.


Responsibility and sustainable tourism.

In Destino Cádiz Tours, you will always find reduced groups, increasing the quality of the experience, and avoiding inconveniences to the neighbors of the city.


Aware of the impact that tourism has on our city, we will provide you with recommendations and tips of all kinds regarding local commerce.

Thus, we will provide an informative dossier at the end of the tour.


In Destino Cádiz Tours, we avoid causing unnecessary annoying noises, that’s why we don’t use sound amplifiers.

In this way, everything is more natural and the expressiveness in the transmission of information is not reduced.